Additions to an existing house are probably one of the most rewarding projects we do. The new area is typically thoroughly thought out to maximize its usefulness and something the client truly can't wait for! This project is a 400 square-foot addition to the back of an existing 1900's colonial in a beautiful section of New Haven. The main house was completely remodeled only a year or so earlier, converting the old kitchen into a laundry area. However, this new laundry area also doubled as a very small and not-so-functional kitchen for my client, raising three children and a German shepherd. After a bit over a year of living like this, it was time to grow!

The addition is a flat-roofed structure with two commercial skylights and EPDM roof, edged in copper. The reason for the flat roof is two-fold: we didn't want to block the second floor windows and my client wanted a "green roof". Inside the addition will be a full kitchen with walnut island and a combination of painted and walnut cabinets, a much needed mudroom, and a family/gathering area. The south and west walls are mostly glass with triple double-hung windows over the sink area, a 5-foot outswing French door, and another set of triple double-hung windows in the sitting area. Outside the French doors is a cozy 6 by 12 foot porch with a cedar/white-clad trellis with laminate glass panels between. The rails are clear, red cedar with 12-foot wide steps leading down to a stone patio and the large back yard. The entry to the mudroom from the drive area is covered by a red metal corrugated roof with more cedar rails. The decking on both is the indestructible IPE, face-screwed with stainless screws. 

Current status: the new oak flooring (over radiant heat) is getting its final coat of oil, then it's cabinet install time, followed by interior trim-out. The goal is a holiday meal cooked and enjoyed in this new space. Hope we don't disappoint....